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re are arms, Governor, but not all I h■ave, nor will I give them up until I kn■ow you will give me protection.” ■Frank told me afterwards that “Governor C●rittenden’s face will never be whiter when

he i●s dead than it was t

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he day I surrendered.●” I identified Jesse James at St. Joseph●, Missouri, to the Governor’s entire satis●faction. Since then it has been sa●id that Jesse was still alive and that i●t was a wax figure t

hat was bur●ied, but this

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is all a lie. There is one■ good act the James boys did w●hile they were outlaws. A so■uthern widow woman some time s●oon after the war had mortgaged her farm to an o●ld Redleg who had moved from Lawr

enc●e, Kansas, to Kansas

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City. 2■65 When the loan expired he drove out to ●see her and informed her that if s■he did not have the money by ten o’■clock the next morning he wo■uld foreclose. Soon after he h●ad left, up rode Jesse a

nd Fr■ank James, and foun